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  Merry Christmas

I wish everyone a blessed and merry Christmas.

I hope you'll find time in all that Christmas stress to curl up in your favourite spot for a bit, with a glass of wine, some gingerbread (or whatever you like), and a good book.

Candelabra in the cathedral of Speyer, by Burghildis Roth

I'm waiting for the chronicle of Ailred of Rievaulx to arrive in the library (someone else reads it right now; how dare they, lol) because it's supposed to have a detailed account of the Battle of the Standard at Northallerton where King David fought against King Stephen's army - the topic of my next post.

Merry Christmas, dear Gabriele! Be patient with the chronicle you're waiting for and we promise to be patient while waiting for the afore-mentioned post :-)
Merry Christmas Gabriele - I was wondering what festive picture you'd post - it's always traditional - and you've kept up the standard yet again -it's beautiful!
Happy Christmas, Gabriele! Best wishes for the new year.
A belated Merry Christmas, Gabriele. May your New Year be blessed and filled the creativity you seek.
Thank you, Kasia, Anerje, Carla, and Barbara.
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