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I'll stay in Germany for my spring tour this year and travel to some places in southern Germany, namely Bamberg, Nuremberg and Regensburg which will bring me all the way to the Danube. There should be old cathedrals, pretty houses, Mediaeval town fortifications and the odd castle. Those towns have a long history going back to early Mediaeval and even Roman (Regensburg) times. I've been to Nuremberg as child and have fond memories of the place - I liked old stuff even then.

The Horseman of Bamberg, early 13th century
(This is a copy from an exhibition in Naumburg we visited in 2012; the original stands in Bamberg Cathedral)

And Aelius Rufus will be glad to hear there should be Roman remains, too. I plan a tour to the cavalry fort and Limesmuseum in Aalen, and there's some fun stuff in Weissenburg, the Roman Biriciana, near Nuremberg. Including the remains of a bath. :-) Regensburg, the ancient Castra Regina, was an important Roman site as well, but is has been built over during the Middle Ages, and so most remains can be only found in the underground, for example under the cathedral (like in York), but I'm not sure if photographing will be allowed there.

Grave monument in shape of a sella curulis
(The decoration of the back shows a battle scene; Varus Exhibition 2009, Haltern.
The monument is usually in Hever Castle)

The tour is scheduled for April (9 days, after Easter) since the were no affordable rooms to be found in Nuremberg during May. Let's hope the weather won't be too bad.
Safe travels, dear Gabriele! I love the Horseman. Generally, I discover that Germany is full of all things medieval :-) I need to visit the cathedral of Naumburg one day to smile at King Bolesław Chrobry's daughter, Regelinda (called the "smiling Polish woman").
Thank you, Kasia. Yes, I've seen Regelinda's statue. That cathedral is material for another two posts or so. I really should stop traveling and collecting new stuff before I've posted the old. ;-) But travelig is so much fun.
Looking forward to your reports!
Have a wonderful trip! I'll look forward to your photos.
Sounds like a great trip! Enjoy! :-)
Looking forward to the cavalry fort report. Playing with cavalry in my second novel.
I wish to visit Bamberg too. Perhabs next spring.
Have a great trip!!!

And have a look at one of my favourite blogs from Rainer. He has an article about the "Bamberger Horseman" and a lot of other interesting posts from Franken.

Und ich weiß, dass ich auf deutsch kommentieren darf, aber ich lese auch total gerne die Kommentare von anderen, daher sollen sie meine auch lesen können (auch wenn es vielleicht manchmal so ein Kauderwelsch ist, dass man es nicht verstehen kann :-)

Liebe Grüße!

Thank you, Kathryn, Constance and Maegwin. That's an interesting link - I hope the scaffolding at the cathedral will be gone at least partway when I'm there.
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