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  Crossing to Mull

I took the ferry from Oban to Craignure / Mull twice. The first pics were taken on a sunny early afternoon with a stiff breeze going on. There were some drama queen clouds, but they never did any harm.


Approaching Mull

The coast of Morvern on the other sideof the Sound of Mull

The second set was taken on a late evening two days later, on the way back from the trip to Staffa and Iona. There had been a few showers during the night and the morming, and the air was much hazier, though the sea was calmer.

Mull, again

Morvern coast and entrance to Loch Linnhe, veiled in haze

Lismore Lighthouse

The light is never the same for five minutes, a challenge but also a lot of fun for a photographer. Though none of the photos matches reality.

  Mountains, Midges, and Many Photos

I'm back with a whole bunch of pictures. Yes, I know that's the most important point. *grin*

The weather wasn't too bad; there were nasty showers only on two days, and it was pretty warm overall as well. I even managed to get a sunburn, despite using sunscreen. Only those midges - sigh. They really can teach Edward the Angsty Vampire a few things about bloodsucking.

Sunset in Oban

The landscape of the Highlands is breathtakingly beautiful. The mountains, the water, that incredible, ever changing light .... I could go on forever. Well, instead I better give you some impressions of what to come the next weeks, or rather, months. I have a lot of material. See posts below.

  My Scotland Tour 2009

Here's the first post with pictures of places I've visited.

Edinburgh Castle

Dunfermline Abbey

Inchcolm Abbey

Linlithgow Palace

Stirling Castle


Doune Castle

Antonine Wall

Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

Duart Castle, Mull

Dunadd Hillfort

Dunstaffnage Castle



Inveraray Castle

The last two aren't in Scotland, but I picked them up on my way back from Newcastle to Amsterdam.

Arbeia Roman Fort

Tynemouth Priory

And they were everywhere, though usually not posing for a photo as nicely as here.

  And Off We Go

The blog will be on hiatus until around June 18th, while I explore the Antonine Wall, some Scottish castles and cathedrals, Iona and other interesting places and beautiful landscapes.

Statue of Robert the Bruce, Bannockburn / Stirling

What will be less fun is dragging around that big suitcase, but in Scotland, you'll have to pack for every weather. Including snowstorms in June. *grin*

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